Department of the Air Force

Department of the Air Force

Agency X achieves its mission with the support of  professional IT expertise and customer-centric business solutions

Government Contracting is pleased to provide this proposal for modernizing the ABC application for Agency X, the world’s largest aviation/transportation agency. Agency X achieves its mission with the support of our powerful combination of professional IT expertise and customer-centric business solutions— not just meeting expectations but exceeding them. We offer a partnership of empathy, responsiveness, and collaboration, along with our extensive expertise in program management and agile development, for mission-critical technology-based solutions that support Agency X objectives. Our track record and proven approach used in developing custom-designed, quality projects of comparable size and scope, provides Agency X with the confidence it needs to embark on a modernization effort that will achieve business goals and anticipate and adapt to evolving industry technologies.


Agency X achieves a modernized ABC application with Government Contracting’s innovative IT and digital modernization tools and strategies. We transform existing technologies and applications to support program missions. This includes introducing new technologies to adapt to changing needs. Our highly skilled IT engineers and personnel use human-centered design (HCD), agile development, and program management best practices to develop user-friendly designs and to create tools and systems that result in a user-friendly ABC application that serves customers now and into the future. We integrate futures thinking and data science methodologies with new user experience tools such as Object-Oriented User Experience (OOUX) and connected content, to deliver a more intuitive and cohesive user experience.

These methods drive cost-effective solutions, increase information reuse, provide standardization and consistency across the organization to help Agency X achieve consistent business results.

Key Approaches and Benefits

  1. Our approach starts with people. We leverage the powerful combination of our professional IT expertise and our customer-centric business solutions to serve our customers — resulting in services that exceed expectations. We are easy to work with, responsive, and dependable.
  2. Program Management Expertise. Our key personnel bring decades of strong program management capabilities to the table. This is evidenced by results in an array of successfully managed projects, and our ability to meet deadlines, manage resources, and mitigate risk. We emphasize collaboration, effective communication, transparent reporting, and proactive issue resolution throughout the project lifecycle.
    • Experienced personnel with deep expertise in technology, engineering, and analytics solve customer challenges quickly and effectively at every stage – from planning to implementation to ongoing management. This ensures our corporate and management philosophy fosters an atmosphere of excellence in everything we do. We observe integrity, responsibility, and accountability in all our corporate business operations and in the delivery of services to our customers.
    • Our staffing plan brings dedicated and senior managers, highly qualified technical experts, and responsive onsite project teams to each customer’s business challenges. This approach ensures that Agency X achieves business solutions tailored to its specific needs and requirements, and that they are delivered with uncompromising commitment to quality and integrity.
    • We make sure our people have the tools, procedures, resources, and access to information they need to solve problems. We provide surge support, and our program managers are experienced in agile, HCD, and in new concepts such as OOUX, and futures thinking. We strive to be more responsive, more transparent, easier to oversee, and a better partner to supply an impressive array of Web-accessible advanced services and secure technologies tailored to each client’s needs.
  1. Comprehensive Evaluation. We begin by meeting with our clients to establish a plan for conducting a thorough evaluation of the current ABC application, its architecture, technology stack, user experience, and overall effectiveness in meeting Agency X’s objectives. This evaluation includes an assessment of Agency X’s existing infrastructure, legacy systems, security requirements, human capital, and business processes. It paves the way for the product roadmap and project management tools, the recommendations we make for technical solutions, cloud migrations, user research, agile methodologies, and more.
  2. Collaborative Approach. Collaboration with stakeholders is key to our approach. This includes business, enterprise, application, security, and infrastructure architects. We are highly experienced in facilitating effective collaboration through regular stand-ups, meetings, workshops, and feedback sessions and in using modern tools such as Confluence, Jira, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Figma, Trello and more to ensure that all perspectives are considered, leading to a solution that meets the needs of all stakeholders.
  3. Agile Methodology. We use a hybrid agile methodology to meet our clients where they are, moving at a pace that works for our clients. This allows for iterative and incremental development, prototypes, and MVPs so the application evolves based on user feedback and changing requirements. This promotes flexibility, adaptability, and early delivery of tangible results, reducing the risk of lengthy development cycles and increasing customer satisfaction. It also reduces costs.
  4. User-centered approach. Our expertise in user-centered design principles ensures we prioritize user experience and incorporate user feedback throughout the development process. User research, prototyping, and usability testing are integral parts of the development cycle. This helps in understanding the challenges, and language of AGENCY X and its stakeholders and drives the human-centered design, design thinking, and agile methodologies that we apply to create solutions that genuinely address their challenges. By understanding the unique requirements and safety-focused language of AGENCY X, we will design intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that enhance usability, reduce training time, and increase user satisfaction, resulting in an exceptional user experience that goes beyond the basic requirements.
    • Human-Centered Design (HCD). To achieve goals, we will adopt an HCD approach that puts real people at the center of the design by incorporating empathy, and iterative prototyping into the user- centered design process. Our approach helps us understand the needs, challenges, and aspirations of users. We use empathetic research methods such as interviews, observations, and user feedback to gain deep insights into the experiences and pain points of AGENCY X stakeholders, including air traffic controllers, pilots, administrators, and other relevant personnel. This includes developing personas and user stories; conducting usability testing sessions with representative end-users to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the ABC application; designing an intuitive and logical information architecture; evaluating visual design and interaction by paying attention to elements such as layout, typography, colors, and imagery. We include accessibility standards to allow all users, including those with disabilities, to access and use the application effectively, considering factors such as screen reader compatibility, keyboard navigation, color contrast, and alternative text for images. We also encourage user feedback and continuous improvement by establishing channels for ongoing user feedback after the ABC application is deployed. We encourage users to provide feedback and suggestions, and to report issues to continuously improve the application, based on real-world usage.
  1. Reusability and Standardization. We propose a modular architecture that promotes component reusability, allowing for easier maintenance and scalability. We use industry standards and best practices to ensure interoperability with existing systems and compatibility with future technologies.
    • Object-Oriented User Experience (OOUX). Our proposal also incorporates OOUX principles, which enable a modular and scalable design that promotes reusability and consistency across the application. By breaking down complex functionalities into reusable components, we ensure a cohesive user experience while reducing development effort and enhancing maintainability. This approach aligns with AGENCY X’s goal of increasing information reuse and standardization.
    • Connected Content. In addition, we will leverage the concept of connected content to create a cohesive and interconnected digital ecosystem. By structuring data in a standardized and machine-readable format, we enable seamless information exchange across systems and stakeholders. This approach improves data accessibility, accelerates decision-making, and enhances collaboration among AGENCY X personnel, industry partners, and regulatory bodies.
  1. CI/CD and DevSecOps. We implement a Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline and adopt a DevSecOps approach to ensure rapid and efficient deployment of new features and updates to the ABC application while maintaining a strong focus on security. By automating build, test, and deployment processes, we reduce manual errors, improve time-to-market, and enhance overall application quality.
  2. Security and Compliance. Our approach ensures security and compliance, data privacy, system security, and regulatory compliance. We are certified ISO 9001/20000/27001 and CMMI Dev 3, which demonstrates our commitment to protecting sensitive information and maintaining a secure environment.
  3. Continuous Support and Maintenance. Our approach to providing continuous support and maintenance for the modernized ABC application ensures post-implementation support plans, including regular updates, bug fixes, and the ability to address emerging needs. This highlights our long-term partnership mindset and commitment to Agency X’s success beyond the initial development phase.
  4. Emerging Technologies. We propose the integration of emerging technologies that align with AGENCY X’s modernization objectives such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, cloud computing, and mobile applications to provide novel solutions and tangible benefits to AGENCY X’s operations, efficiency, and safety.
    • Futures Thinking. By employing scenario planning, horizon scanning, and collaborative ecosystem building, we ensure the modernized ABC application remains relevant and effective in a rapidly changing aviation landscape. This forward-looking approach helps AGENCY X stay at the forefront of innovation and make informed decisions.
    • Data Science. We will leverage the power of data science to derive valuable insights from AGENCY X’s vast datasets. Through advanced analytics, machine learning, and predictive modeling, we can uncover patterns, trends, and anomalies in data, empowering AGENCY X with data-driven decision-making capabilities. This data science approach supports AGENCY X’s objective of enhancing safety, optimizing airspace operations, and improving overall system performance. These technologies will enhance operational efficiency, provide real-time data insights, and enable advanced functionalities to support AGENCY X’s evolving needs.

12.  Application Management. Our proposal includes comprehensive application management services, ensuring the modernized ABC application remains secure, performant, and up to date. This involves monitoring, maintenance, and regular updates to address evolving security threats, industry standards, and user requirements. We have a track record of providing reliable application management services, minimizing downtime, and maximizing application availability.

  1. Cost-Effective Solutions. By assembling a team of experienced people, combined with our agile approach, OOUX, and connected content, we reduce time and complexity through the iterative incremental process, thereby reducing costs. We optimize the use of existing technologies while selectively introducing new technologies that align with Agency X’s program mission and ensure a balance between leveraging established systems and adopting innovative solutions to achieve objectives within budgetary constraints.

Conclusion. Our proposal provides the unique approaches and benefits AGENCY X’s modernization project requires, with quality QASP, Accessibility VPAT. We are committed to delivering a modernized ABC application that enhances safety, improves efficiency, and aligns with the AGENCY X’s strategic goals. Government Contracting’s IT Development skills and combined experience in agile, HCD, program management with an eye toward the future, ensure success in AGENCY X’s ABC application.


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